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Q: What is Disneyrollergirl?
A: Disneyrollergirl is a blog launched in 2007. While working as the fashion director of CosmoGirl!, I used the blog as an anonymous space to discuss the industry and share ideas and opinions around fashion and culture. The blog has now grown its presence to share content via many other channels including Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Lyst

Q: What sort of blog posts do you do?
A: I prefer my blog to be personal and spontaneous. I write about observations on the industry, emerging trends in fashion, beauty, retail and digital, and cultural events that are on my radar. It'™s a place to empty my head. I also compile shopping pages and feature shoppable fashion shoots. I will work with brands on creative projects and sponsored posts if they fit with the overall ethos and aesthetic of the blog. Although I try to post daily, I prefer quality over quantity.

Q: What sort of blog posts don'™t you do? Do you run competitions or allow guest posts or link exchanges?
A: I try to avoid PR generated posts as I prefer to keep the blog as spontaneous as possible. I rarely cover sports, celebrities or post-party coverage. As a rule, I don'™t run competitions or giveaways. I do not accept guest posts or link exchanges.

Q: Do you do outfit posts?
A: I have been photographed by Burberry for its Art Of The Trench campaign and Gap for its site but in general I'™m not an '˜outfit blogger'™.

Q: How do you monetise your blog?
A: I monetise mostly from freelance projects or collaborations with brands. I have worked with Club Monaco, Shopbop, Selfridges, Gap, eBay, Max Factor and H&M among others. I also sometimes use display advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Click here to see some examples of sponsored posts. I am open to ideas for creative ways of doing sponsored posts that have value to my reader.

Q: Do you use cookies?
A: Like many blogs, I use affiliate marketing, embedding deep links into some of my images and shopping posts. These earn me a commission on items sold when the links are clicked. This works by using cookies.

Q: What is the difference between editorial and paid-for/sponsored content?
A: Editorial is unpaid and open to my interpretation so there is no brief as such. Sponsored or paid-for content means I am paid to cover your product/brand. If this is the case, there is usually a specific time frame and brief. However I only accept paid-for posts if they fit in with the overall premise of the blog (i.e. brands I like or a project that is ground-breaking or interesting for the reader.) Paid-for posts have to be disclosed and are thus labelled as Sponsored Posts or In Association With. Click here for an example of an editorial post. Here are some examples of sponsored posts: Gap, Swarovski, River Island.

Q: What are you favourite fashion brands?
A: Cos, Gap, Levi'™s, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Chanel, Comme Des Garcons, Margaret Howell, Valextra, Church'™s, Converse, Raf Simons, Nike, J W Anderson.

Q: How many unique users you do have?
A: I don'™t disclose my figures. If you are a potential advertiser, please contact White & Richardson who will advise on the necessary stats. I currently have a Klout score of 67 and a Google Page Rank of 5. You can find a breakdown of my followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in this section. You can find a breakdown of my followers on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, in this section.

Q: Do you do guest blogging for brands?
A: I write guest posts on other sites as a freelance contributor. I have worked with Glamour, Lyst, eBay, Lacoste and London Boutiques to date on these. I have also curated product and guest edited for multi-brand sites including Gift Lab, Other Shop, Cocosa and Flannels.

Q: What is your skillset?
A: Content strategy, styling, writing, editing, curating, illustration

Q: What work do you do outside the blog?
A: My background is print editorial and I now work as a freelance fashion editor, encompassing the following: Fashion writing, fashion editing, styling, creative consultancy, written reports. My freelance editorial and commercial clients have included Tank, Oyster, Guardian, Bon, eBay, Asos, Glamour, Disney, H&M, Grazia India, Toni & Guy, The Future Laboratory, Sunday Times Style. I am also a visiting lecturer on fashion journalism and styling.

Q: How do you collaborate with brands?
A: The kind of branded collaborations I do are those that work in tandem with what the blog is about. Projects I love include public speaking, guest editing, creative consultancy, styling and curation. In each case, I guarantee high standards of quality, creativity and professionalism.

I love to work on creative one-off projects that utilise my unique skills. For example, a shoppable installation of my scrapbooks for Blitz Vintage in Brick Lane and curating a '˜Secret Tees'™ T-shirt auction project with Harvey Nichols for Fashion'™s Night Out. I have also worked on a few '˜group blogger'™ projects with brands including Peroni, Club Monaco, Shopbop, Reiss and Gap.

Q: I am organising an event, how can I invite you?
A: I have cut down on the events I attend but if you think it is relevant to the site, please email me at (You can see the kind of events I have covered here)

Q: I am a student, can I sent you some questions to answer for my research on a project?
A: I can'™t promise to answer but please do email with a couple of weeks notice and I will do my best.

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